New Scope: Since summer 2017, I am now using a used RCOS 12.5" f/9, running under CCDAP5 and TheSkyX Pro.

Previous pictures have been taken since 2011, with the following evolving set-ups:

- Orion Optics UK AG16 f3.8 Astrograph
- Losmandy Titan mount
- Since August 2015: SBIG 11000M mono camera. Previously I used an SBIG 11000CM single shot colour camera.
- Since October 2013 I have used a Feather Touch 3.5" Diameter Dual Speed Telescope Focuser Kit 1.375" DTT
- From Aug 2015, Starizona's Micro Touch Direct Drive motor to avoid slipping, with Focusmax v4, previously Robofocus
- IDAS D1 deep sky filter with the one shot colour exposures

If you look down the images you'll find some of the scope on its permanent mount in my garden roll-off observatory.

This set-up gives an 81' by 56' image at 1.22 arcseconds/pixel, giving me a FWHM of 3 to 4...for scale, the moon occupies less than half the width of these pictures...

For image acquisition I formerly used Maxim DL 5 which is really good. Since Xmas 2014 I'm now trying to control everything more directly with TheSkyX Pro, with its Camera Add-on, Telescope and Tpoint Add-ons...all controlled remotely by Windows Remote Desktop.

And CCDAutopilot 5 and Focusmax v4 for focussing.

For processing I use CCDStack and Photoshop aided by Adam Block's tutorial.....and also increasingly Pixinsight with help from Harry Page's Astroshed (thanks, both).......I'm still learning and will add more images as I take them.

Click on the images to see a larger version